Our Collaborative Approach

Choosing a partner with the strongest knowledge of industry technologies and decades of successful project delivery experience is the best way to navigate a rapidly growing aquaculture industry.

Through many years of experience in delivering successful Recirculating Aquaculture Systems, PR Aqua has developed an approach to project delivery that meets the goals of our customers for quality, delivery and cost control.  

We employ a Design-Supply-Support project delivery method that provides optimal value to the project owner, by separating the design from construction and installation. 

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Our collaborative design development is paired with a complete set of construction documents, including both specialty aquaculture systems and traditional engineering scope.

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Unique to the industry, PR Aqua can supply our clients with a comprehensive equipment package, including all key process equipment for your RAS Aquaculture System. We are North American distributors for Hydrotech Filters, and Atlantium UV and we have relationships with the industry leaders to ensure all equipment used is the best for your specific application.

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PR Aqua provides quality assurance and quality control through the construction phase, ultimately ensuring a successful startup and hand-off to the owner.

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What is RAS Aquaculture?

Recirculating Aquaculture System, or RAS, is a technique for raising aquatic species in a closed, indoor, land-based system.

Benefits of using Recirculating Aquaculture Systems:

  • Minimizes Water Consumption
  • Provides Maximum Control of the Environment,
  • Reduces exposure to parasites, disease, and predators.

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For the past two decades, PR Aqua has designed and managed the construction of RAS aquaculture facilities across North America, from hatcheries to full grow-out facilities.

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