We believe the best designs evolve from collaboration and long-lasting relationships with our clients.  

William Hernandez hatchery layout William Hernandez hatchery layout William Hernandez hatchery layout

How Our Design Process Works

Our approach to collaborative design relies on a balance of communication, technical expertise, and the flexibility to adapt as the needs of the project evolve. Throughout the process, we keep in close communication with our clients, through regularly scheduled design meetings and site visits.

We will deliver a complete set of construction documents, including both specialty RAS aquaculture systems and traditional engineering documentation.

The result: a well-coordinated solution that meets the technical, financial, and schedule goals of the project.

Recirculating Aquaculture System Recirculating Aquaculture System Recirculating Aquaculture System


Unique to the industry, PR Aqua can supply our clients with a comprehensive equipment package, including all key process equipment for your RAS Aquaculture System. We have relationships with the industry leaders and will be sure all equipment used is the best for your specific application.


When your project is complete, PR Aqua will still be on your team. Our engineering team provides technical services to support the highest quality assurance and quality control throughout the construction phase.

With our team of engineers and technicians, we are available on-line or in person to help clients keep their systems functioning at their best. Our goal is a successful startup and handoff to the client when the project is completed.

We are committed to your success.

Man typing on computer at PR Aqua RAS Man typing on computer at PR Aqua RAS Man typing on computer at PR Aqua RAS

Through many years of experience in delivering successful Recirculating Aquaculture Systems, PR Aqua has developed an approach to project delivery that meets the goals of our customers for quality, delivery and cost control.  We employ a Design-Supply-Support project delivery method that provides optimal value to the project owner, by separating the design from construction and installation. 

Benefits to the PR Aqua Approach

  • Lower Cost By separating design and construction, our clients are able to avoid any compounding costs caused by overhead and profit allowances. This typically happens when routing all services through one contractual entity.

  • Reduced Uncertainty Because the detailed design is completed first, costs can be tailored to consider any known project constraints. We have found that negotiating pricing prior to completing the detailed design typically results in increased project costs.
  • Better Solution  Our approach allows for flexibility in the final solution we design for our clients.  We approach the design phase collaboratively, so that we can meet both the clients’ needs and the project objectives.

  • Fewer Change Orders Change orders increase the project costs and delay the schedule. Determining fixed construction costs prior to design usually results in a more rigid design process.

Discuss Your Project

No matter how big or how small, or how far along your plans are, we can help. PR Aqua’s technical knowledge and client commitment are second to none. Let’s get started!

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