• Highly efficient use of oxygen
  • Corrosion resistant fiberglass pressure vessel suitable for fresh and saltwater use
  • ASME rated vessel and high-pressure components
  • Tailored to operate at pressures from 30 to 110 psig (2 - 8.2 BAR)
  • Up to 40x greater oxygen saturation levels than atmosphere
  • High pressure allows for supersaturated dissolved oxygen in small flows reducing size of distribution plumbing
  • Can accommodate varying water flow rates and pumps
  • Easily installed in pre-existing facilities with minimal disruption


    The Pressurized Packed Column (PPC) is a highly efficient on-demand oxygenation system for aquaculture applications. A PPC generates oxygen-supersaturated water for injection into rearing tanks by contacting oxygen and a water side-stream in a media-packed pressure vessel. The oxygenated water is injected into culture tanks to boost the overall DO up to saturation.

    How it Works

    The PPC package consists of the pressure vessel and media, high-pressure water pump, VFD, oxygen injection valve, and system controls. Upon detection of low DO in a rearing tank (due to fish stress or other causes), the control system triggers the PPC to blend water and oxygen and deliver the oxygen-rich water to the tank until DO returns to the target range.

    PPCs may be installed on a per-tank (one PPC to one culture tank) or centralized basis where one PPC serves multiple culture tanks through distribution plumbing- shown below). The high operating pressure of the PPC results in a substantial amount of oxygen being carried by a small stream of water. This means smaller equipment, plumbing and valving than lower pressure oxygen cones.

    The on-demand response of the PPC means that it will operate only when required, decreasing oxygen use over baseline conditions. The PPC is part of an effective and reliable oxygenation strategy in any aquaculture facility.

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