Client: Grieg Seafood BC Ltd.
Location: Gold River, BC, Canada
Date Completed: On-going
Highlights: Atlantic Salmon smolt RAS facility situated in a remote location on Vancouver Island with site challenges regarding existing infrastructure both above and below ground that cannot be disturbed.


Processing an incomplete design that was previously prepared by another consultant, PR Aqua was engaged to validate the design, make changes as necessary and incorporate input from the customer to complete the design and associated documentation to allow for budget preparation and construction.


Provide aquaculture specialty design, support services and water treatment equipment associated with the Grieg Seafood RAS 34 project.


RAS technologies include:

  • Microscreen drum filters
  • Moving Bed Bio-reactor (MBBR)
  • Tank-side CO2 removal
  • Centralized cascade aeration column
  • Foam Fractionation
  • UV Disinfection

Services Provided

PR Aqua assisted Grieg in the completion of the RAS 34 project by evaluating the existing design, completing construction documents, and providing equipment procurement support. Ongoing activities include construction support and commissioning, training of staff in systems operation, and the supply of system operation & maintenance manuals and as built drawings.


In addition to design and support services, PR Aqua also supplied Hydrotech drum filters and MBBR media.

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