PR Aqua Pressurized Packed Column

PR Aqua Introduces Pressurized Packed Column (PPC)


PR Aqua is thrilled to announce the introduction of our newest product, the Pressurized Packed Column or PPC for short.  This highly efficient, on-demand oxygenation system for aquaculture applications generates oxygen-supersaturated water for injection into rearing tanks by contacting oxygen and a water side-stream in a media-packed pressure vessel. The oxygenated water is injected into culture tanks to boost the overall dissolved oxygen (DO) up to saturation.

Operating at pressures up to 110psig (8.2 BAR), the PPC can achieve 40x greater oxygen saturation levels than atmosphere and is suitable for use in both fresh and saltwater applications.

Email our sales team at or give us a call at +1-250-714-0141 to learn more. 

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