Location: Marine Harvest Canada
Client: Sayward, British Columbia
Date Completed: 2013
Highlights: The system produces 500,000 Atlantic salmon fry at 40g annually.


Marine Harvest Canada’s Dalrymple Hatchery required that an existing flow-through circular culture tank field be converted to a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS). Marine Harvest Canada approached PR Aqua to provide design engineering services for development of this system. The resultant module was designed to produce 500,000 Atlantic salmon fry (40g).


The solution developed is representative of PR Aqua’s solution to RAS. The system incorporates low head technologies such as a mixed bed bioreactor, diffused aeration basin and low head oxygenation (LHO) in a compact footprint for a modern high efficiency solution.


Building on the success of this project, Marine Harvest Canada is planning to build two additional early-rearing RAS modules as well as five smolt production RAS modules designed and engineered by PR Aqua, all using their standard processes. Each smolt RAS will have capacity to produce an 88,000kg cohort with a peak feed load of 1580kg/day while maintaining exceptional water quality.

This facility demonstrates PR Aqua’s use of modern RAS technologies for optimization of facility capital and operating costs.

Services Provided

PR Aqua provided system planning and engineering design and supplied both custom and standard aquaculture equipment.

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