Client: Ideal Fish
Location: Waterbury, Connecticut, USA
Date Completed: 2018
Highlights: Urban marine RAS in existing industrial building.


Ideal Fish is the first commercial facility to raise branzino (European Sea Bass) in the United States. PR Aqua designed this facility for integration into an existing industrial building.


The facility produces 117 mT per year (260,000 lbs/year). The installation is divided into five Quarantine Molecules, one Growout Module, and two Depuration Modules.


RAS technologies include:

  • Microscreen drum filtration
  • Moving bed biofiltration
  • Full flow foam fractionation
  •  Aeration
  • Low head oxygenation and oxygenation via pressure packed column
  • Disinfection

Services Provided

PR Aqua provided all of the aquaculture specialty design and coordination of equipment delivery to the project. PR Aqua and its affiliated suppliers also provided construction support and on-site commissioning to ensure seamless equipment integration, installation, and startup.


This facility demonstrates PR Aqua's ability to deliver a professionally engineered design for a large, complex saltwater system utilizing a pre-existing vacant commercial building in an urban center. It also demonstrates the application of advanced aquaculture systems and technologies for commercial grow out applications.

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