Client: Alaska Department of Fish & Game, Sport Fish Division
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Date Completed: 2010
Highlights: The fish produced here will stock 137 landlocked lakes located within the Fairbanks, Nenana, Delta and Glennallen regions.


The Ruth Burnett Sport Fish Hatchery meets the sport fish stocking needs for Fairbanks region by providing Arctic Char, Arctic Grayling, rainbow trout, Chinook (King) Salmon, and Coho (Silver) Salmon. Arctic char and rainbow trout will originate from captive brood stock held at the William Jack Hernandez Hatchery in Anchorage.

Eggs for Chinook salmon, Arctic grayling and coho salmon rearing will be taken annually from wild brood sources within the Fairbanks region. The fish produced here will provide fishing opportunities for 137 landlocked lakes located within the Fairbanks, Nenana, Delta and Glennallen regions.


The 56,000 square foot hatchery uses state-of-the-art water recirculation and partial reuse technologies in the design, allowing for more efficient use of water resources, and significant reduction in heating energy requirements. 


Due to production demands, many individual systems needed to be incorporated into this facility’s design. There are ten individual PRAS systems, consisting of pairs of 10 ft diameter tanks. There are also five independent modules of 30 ft diameter tanks, each with its own highly efficient RAS.

Services Provided

PR Aqua provided all of the aquaculture specialty design and equipment to the project.  PR Aqua also provided construction support and on-site commissioning to ensure seamless equipment integration, installation and startup.  Through the first year of operation, PR Aqua provided operational support.


This facility demonstrates PR Aqua’s ability to deliver a professionally engineered design for a large, complex public facility.  It also demonstrates the application of advanced aquaculture systems and technologies for hatchery applications.

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