Client: Upward Farms
Location: Hanover Township, PA, USA
Date Completed: 2022
Highlights: 360mT land-based RAS production for Hybrid Stripped Bass (HSB) that feeds a de-coupled aquaponics system to produce leafy greens for sale in the US NE.


The Upward Farms system was designed to produce leafy greens for sale in grocery stores in the US NE using a vertical aquaponics system. The supply of the nutrient rich water for the aquaponics system is supplied from a de-coupled RAS growing HSB.


PR Aqua was hired to design and supply an equipment package for the aquaculture process systems, provide construction support services, commissioning and training services, full documentation, and integrate a waste mineralization system for aquaponics. Equipment supplied includes glass lined steel culture tanks, RAS water treatment systems and pumps, fish handling equipment, process MCAS, water temperature control, gas balancing, oxygen and ozone systems.


RAS technologies include:

  • FRP & Glass lined steel culture tanks
  • Custom FRP tank components
  • MBBR with process air blowers
  • LHO
  • UV disinfection
  • Microscreen drum filters
  • Process pumps
  • PPC
  • Oxygenation
  • Water chilling & heating
  • Chemical dosing
  • Fish handling

Services Provided

PR Aqua provided a complete RAS design, equipment package, and construction support services.

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