Client: Wyoming Fish and Game Department
Location: Wyoming
Date Completed: 2004 (Wigwam Hatchery) and 2005 (Dubois Hatchery)
Highlights: The Wigwam and Dubois projects were the major outcomes of a $4 million capital funding program by the state of Wyoming.


Wyoming has an extensive propagation program as part of their comprehensive conservation/enhancement mandate. The upgrades focus on conversion from raceways to dual-drain circular tanks, coupled with the installation of water treatment equipment for gas balancing, oxygenation, and solids removal. This allows the State to provide bio-security, increase production, and provide high quality fish for stocking.


PR Aqua provided a comprehensive package of aquaculture equipment to the successful bidders for both the Wigwam and Dubois upgrades. When the project was finished, PR Aqua provided on-site commissioning and training services to ensure a smooth start-up and hand-off to hatchery operators. Design of both hatchery upgrade projects was provided by others.


Equipment provided included fiberglass culture tanks, solids removal equipment (including swirl separators and drum filters), custom designed gas balancing equipment (including OxyTowers, Low Head Oxygenators, and vacuum degassers), and an oxygen generation system. All gas balancing equipment was custom designed to meet specified pre-and post-treatment water quality parameters.


As a key equipment supplier, PR Aqua was responsible for maintaining a stream of deliverables in a timely manner. PR Aqua stepped up to the challenge with careful management of internal resources and suppliers, and by providing timely, responsive and effective communication with the project engineers, contractors, State personnel and hatchery staff.

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