Client: Wyoming Fish and Game Department
Location: Wyoming, US
Date Completed: 2011
Highlights: Ten Sleep Fish Hatchery is the first hatchery facility to utilize the RFUV Pathogen Control System.


Wyoming has an extensive propagation program as part of their conservation/enhancement mandate. The upgrades focus on conversion from raceways to dual-drain circular tanks, coupled with the installation of water treatment equipment for gas balancing, oxygenation, and solids removal. This allows the state to provide bio-security, increase production, and provide high quality fish for stocking.


PR Aqua was the key provider of equipment and services through the multiple phases of the rehabilitation project. Equipment provided includes circular culture tank systems and influent vacuum degassing systems.


Ten Sleep Fish Hatchery is the first hatchery facility to utilize the RFUV Pathogen Control System. The RFUV system integrates Microscreen Drum Filtration, UV disinfection, and advanced control systems into a packaged system, providing the ultimate protection from influent water borne pathogens such as whirling disease.


In addition to the equipment supplied, PR Aqua provided a comprehensive services package. The packaged included design assistance, construction support, and on-site commissioning and training services to ensure seamless equipment integration, installation and startup. PR Aqua worked closely with project engineers, contractors, state personnel and hatchery staff to ensure that the project was a success.

This project demonstrates PR Aqua’s expertise with influent filtration and disinfection systems for hatcheries, as well the ability to provide seamless design, supply, and support in delivery of projects.

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