Client: K’udas Limited Partnership
Location: Port McNeil, British Columbia
Date Completed: 2013
Highlights: Kuterra is the first RAS facility in North America to deliver Atlantic Salmon to the consumer market.


The K’udas Limited Partnership was formed to develop a land-based facility using Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) technologies as an alternative to existing net pen salmon farming methods predominantly used in British Columbia, Canada. 


This project, the first of its kind in North America, had the following objectives; to confirm biological and technical parameters for raising Atlantic salmon to market size in a land-based RAS, to determine the economic factors for future commercial scale facilities, and to operate the pilot in a manner that will result in a positive cash flow. 


The facility is divided into a quarantine module, a grow-out production module, and a purge module. The quarantine and grow-out modules each employ RAS technologies, such as drum filtration, cross flow aeration, fluidized sand bio-filtration, and one dedicated Low Head Oxygenator (LHO) per tank. The purge module, used to eliminate off-flavor prior to harvest, features a similar treatment strategy. Other technologies include mort removal sumps, tank-side LHOs, tank inlet structures, custom level control outlets, and a treatment process and layout that minimized footprint and access platform requirements.


PR Aqua provided all of the aquaculture specialty design and equipment to the project.  PR Aqua also provided comprehensive support services including construction support and on-site commissioning and training services. Beyond the commissioning phase, PR Aqua has continued to provide support as an investment in the farm’s success.


This project demonstrates PR Aqua’s expertise with large scale RAS technologies. It also demonstrates our long-term commitment to supporting our customers in the success of their projects.

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